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SEP'S Tips

by Sep Hendrickson

Right Place ... The best spot to fish in lakes is within 100 yards of primary inlets and outlets (rivers, creeks, or streams). It is just as important to know where to fish as how to fish. Do some homework before you head out to an unfamiliar location. 

Check fishing newspapers and ask questions of local tackle shops, marina operators, and other anglers. Often the quickest way to learn about a new spot is to book an experienced fishing guide. You can learn what you need to know, then you can head out on your own, like an expert.

Ensure the accurate depth of your presentation.
A high quality locator will clearly indicate the depth to troll. If you need to get down, it's best to use downriggers for precise presentation of your SEP'S Pro Flashers, Pro Dodgers, Lures and Pro Trolling Flies. SEP'S Sure Release by Off Shore is designed for all light line downrigger trolling needs. Its unique design allows for adjustments of tension. An easy one hand operation with a "Sure Release!"

Always know exactly the depth of your lure.
Guessing does not work! It is important to allow for the natural drop of your terminal tackle. With 100 feet of line out behind the boat, flasher or dodgers will drop as much as 10%, depending on your trolling speed and lure selection. It's always better to troll above fish. Their eyes are located on the tops of their heads, and they only look up…seeing dark silhouettes of food sources against a light surface.

Slow trolling catches more fish!  
Troll between ½ and 1 mph for best results, and troll in exaggerated "S" turns. This tactic allows you to cover more surface acres, and vary your depth, speed, and lure action.

Troll your offering at least 100 feet behind the boat. To catch bigger, smarter, more wary trout, you must disassociate your presentation from the boat and engine noise. You can troll much closer when going for land locked Kokanee and King Salmon. They are a schooling fish and don't spook or scatter easily.


Small, lightweight flutter-type lures like Sep's Pro Secrets, Kokanee Kandy, and Sep's Pro Trolling Flies create enticing action and vibrations that attract Trout and Salmon. Use silver lures in bright sunshine, clear water conditions, and gold lures for low light or stained water conditions. Painted lures and brightly colored flies are by far the most visible with red, orange, and pink being the best colors for top water action. Chartreuse, pearl, blue, and green are more visible in low light, or deep water conditions. 

For extra attraction, use SEP'S Pro Flashers or Pro Dodgers to create unbeatable fish-catching action and vibration combinations. SEP'S Pro Flashers or Pro Dodgers are ultra-light and have far less drag as you troll. They create smaller vibrations that are more like minnows and bait fish which don't spook the fish with excessive flash and vibration. Use silver flashers or dodgers in clear water conditions, gold is best used in low light conditions, deep or off-colored water.

Match your tackle to the task. 
Sep recommends keeping it light to enjoy the fight. Line in the 4-8 pound test range on a 6-7 foot medium action rod will handle fish from 1-10 pounds with ease. Set your drag properly and check periodically to be sure it hasn't changed. 

Use your rod to tire and retrieve the fish. Keep a loose drag, and avoid a twisted line by pumping and reeling in the slack rather than "horsing." Remember…PUMP and REEL.

Right Time
First light and dusk are the peak times of each day. Barometric pressure, moon phases, cloudy skies, and wind are strong factors which can effect your angling success. Check John Alden Knight's "Solunar Tables." They accurately forecast the daily feeding times of fish and game for each day of the year, and can be very helpful.

Practice Catch and Release Angling…Leave some for future generations. A good photo can be enjoyed much longer than a meal. And you can submit your photo to us to post as well.


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