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Pro Side Planer How-to

Use SEP'S Pro Side Planer to intercept fish that are spooked to the side of your trolling boat/motor. The flourescent red color of SEP'S Pro Side Planer, plus the simple and ultra-light design make it a favorite with trout and kokanee anglers. The lure/grub is slowly trolled to the side of the boat, just five feet below the surface, simple and effective, sideplaners put offerings where the fish are, without spooking them.

Cover more water...Catch more fish !

Click on photos for larger views.
Part of the Pro SidePlaner
1.  All the necessary parts of the
Pro Side Planer
Rigged for starboard side
2.  Rigged for starboard side.
Set so the arm is towards the tip of the rod
3.  Attach the swivel to the line then attach the
Pro Side Planer to the line so the arm is towards
the tip of the rod.
SlidePlaner attached to the line
4.  How the Pro Side Planer should look
after being attached to the line.
Set the rod in the holder straight up
5.  Set the rod in the rod holder straight up.
After a fish is on the line.
6.  The arm will release from the line
when a fish strikes and is on the line.


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