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Developed by trolling expert Joe "SEP" Hendrickson and his wife Marilyn.
Scented Grubs How-to

You may never use a live nightcrawler again! Small 2 and 3 inch curltail grubs are a life-like imitation of natural food sources when trolled. Properly pre-scented grubs (now with Pro-Cure Scent) move through the water with their tails causing enticing, vibrating motion that attracts fish to strike. Running SEP'S Pro Grubs behind flashers, dodgers or side kicks will increase your fishing results. Once you experience the results of rigging your own grubs, you may begin using grubs in various colors while trolling at different speeds, depths and water conditions.

.....Because you Enjoy Catching Fish!

SEP'S Pro Fishing, Inc.
Feel The Fight....It's Ultra-Light!

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